Amsterdam's Best Bike Tours

Imagine riding around the historic streets, along the canals and over bridges in Amsterdam. You will join the vast majority of Amsterdam locals on their favorite mode of transportation: The bicycle.

Amsterdam is famous for a lot of things, the use of a bicycle to get around town being one of them. In daily life the people of Amsterdam use their bikes for just about everything: commuting, transporting the kids to and from school, moving house and for just taking a leisurely pedal around the city on a sunny afternoon.

Feel like a local for a couple of hours by joining us on a great tour through the city center where we show you the must visit places and explain about the history of our beautiful city and the daily life in Amsterdam. Or get out of the busy city center for a couple of hours to explore the scenic rural area right outside of the city, our experienced guides love to show you around.

We keep our groups as small as possible (max. 12 persons to 1 guide) to be able to get around town safely and show you as much of our city as time allows.

If you aren't too keen on a lot of peddling or if you think riding a bike is too much of a workout just choose to do the tour on one of our excellent electric bikes that assist you while peddling and will get you around town without even breaking a sweat! And if you want to bring your children on the tour that is no problem either, we have children's bikes available for kids of 10 years and up and we can provide children's seats for the younger ones. A children tandem is also a possibility, and lots of fun for you and your child.